BRUNO OLIVEIRA (btco_code)

Hello. Oh no, you've found my personal website! What am I going to do? I don't know how to make one. Here are some links:

If you want to contact me directly, my email is my first name followed by "tc", at

Here's some stuff I made (personal projects).

QX82 Javascript Engine A tiny Javascript engine that lets you create games and experiences inspired by the look and feel of a retro 80s computer.
Simple Soroban An Android app to learn and practice arithmetic on a Soroban (traditional Japanese abacus). I've been developing it since 2014. In the beginning it had 0 installs. Now it has over 1M lifetime installs. I don't know what happened.
Shadow Over the Twelve Lands Retro CRPG where you control a party of adventurers through an epic quest that starts out with a small mistake where you doom the entire world to a decade of disasters but worry not, because you are going to fix things. Probably. Here's why I wrote it.
Pilot8 A retro space shooter with 18 levels across 6 worlds where, after "sufficient" pilot training you are asked to face a whole fleet of enemy ships. Don't worry, leadership has low expectations and your replacement is already being trained.
FPS80 A retro and very simple FPS for the TIC-80 fantasy console, where I wrote the 3D rendering from scratch. Shoot a crossbow and throw flame orbs at ugly green monsters. Sometimes they are not green.
8-bit Panda A classic platformer for the TIC-80 fantasy console. You're a panda who jumps and hits enemies with a bamboo stick and occasionally flies planes. You can read more about it here.
Pragma56 Font A pixelated, monospace TTF font. This is the font used in this site (assuming it has loaded correctly). I created it for fun. It only supports the ASCII character set for now but I may include some of the Latin-1 extended set in the future if I have time.
AEWAN - Ascii Art Editor A multi-layered ASCII art editor for Linux. I started this in 2004 and now it's part of several major Linux distributions. It has "graphical" operations like mirroring, copy/pasting, compositing layers and such. It can also do ASCII animations.

Here is some stuff I wrote: